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MPH AAA 2020 Jerseys & Socks

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MPH Hockey - Committing to the Process...Not the Outcome

I believe in long-term athletic development, kids playing multiple sports, and committing to the process of development...not the outcome. Developing core hockey skills (edges and hands), understanding concepts,  and loving the game are core to the success for youth hockey players.  At MPH culture is everything - welcome to MPH!

What is MPH Hockey? Development / Training / Game Play

We run summer AAA Hockey teams at the Invite and Open Level under the brand "MPH."  We also run year-round skills development sessions around the metro (Minneapolis/St. Paul) - morning skates, after-school development, 1 on 1 or small group stick handling lessons, High School captains practices, and Association In-Season, Fall, and Summer Development Programs.  

                     Chris                      Boeltl

Chris Boeltl

Minnesota Performance Hockey

Phone: 651-983-4480

McDavid & MPH

MPH AROUND THE RINK - Updated 5/20/19

@MPH_Hockey with a busy weekend with the 2006 Black, 2006 Green, 2007 Black, 2007 Green, 2008 Gold, and 2009 Black all in action this weekend. Thank you to the families for the support…

2008 East - Stars of Tomorrow Champions Phoenix Cahill & Luke Larsen

Super Series / Major Squirts - Cole Cheeseman, Axel Bisbee & Avi Kasargod (w/ Gabe Perron) - Part of Team West - "Chip" Team

2007 South - Stars of Tomorrow 3rd place

MPH Summer Shooting 2018 - COMPLETE - Results through August 2018

First Name Last Name Team Total Goal
Will Youngberg 2007 17,135 10,000
Cole Cheeseman 2007 10,035 10,000
Avi Kasargod 2007/2008 10,017 10,000
Carson Uhlenkamp 2007/2008 9,150 8,000
Luke Fuller 2008 8,028 8,000
Evan Bretz 2008 8,010 8,000
Avery Cheeseman 2004 - Family 15,135

MPH - 2019 Summer Shooting Challenge Begins Today 4/1/19 - see the Shooting Challenge Page for more info

MPH Teams Had A Busy Weekend: 2006 Black at the Cheese Cup, 2006 Green at the Igloo Classic, 2007 Black, 2007 Green, 2008 Black at the Meltdown

Fun Weekend of Hockey for our MPH teams.

CCHA Squirtacular Champs: Jack Kultgen and Carson Uhlenkamp SqA

MPH is proud of the success that Jack and Carson had this weekend.  Congratulations to CCHA for a great weekend.

MPH 2007 Black - Great Experience at the ChiTown Shuffle 2019

Over Easter weekend, the MPH 2007 Black Team had a great experience at the 2019 ChiTown Shuffle participating in a 16 team Elite Division with teams from all over North America. The team finished 2-2 - playing against some great competition including the St. Louis Jr. Blues (Octane), Team Mission (Coyote), a CCM Selects Team, and Hometown Hockey. 

MPH 2007 - Winter Development Dec 2018

Owen Lunneborg - Jefferson & Jack Kultgen CCHA - square off in a SqA battle

Owen Lunneborg - Jefferson & Jack Kultgen CCHA - square off in a SqA battle

MPH Winter Development Skate - Jan 2019

MPH Players Hard At Work On the Ice and Off the Ice - Summer Shooting July Update posted below!

MPH 2008 Finishes 2nd at the Easton Cup - Invite Level

The MPH 2008 Team - finishes their first season with a 4-1 finish at the Easton Cup...losing a Championship thriller to Yuro - 5-6 in the final "second" of the game.  Great game - Brett Middleton was outstanding in the net.  

MPH 2006 Finishes 3rd at the Easton Cup - Campbell Division

The MPH 2006 team had another great showing - finishing 3rd at the Easton Cup!  Thank you to Coach Chris, Coach Max, and Coach Buddy for leading the team this weekend.  Great job by Nick Fuller and Isaac Ngyuen  in net.

MPH 2007 Wins the 2018 AAA State Championship

The MPH 2007 Stars completed the weekend 4-1, beating Hometown Hockey 7-3 in the final (Shots 37-18).  Gavin Kor had a big game with 5 points, followed by Will Youngberg with 2A, and Lincoln Ayers-Assad with a goal and an assist.  Ryder Betzold, Gavin Kor, and Cole Cheeseman led MPH in scoring for the weekend and Owen Lunneborg shut the door for MPH.  

Pictured Below: Gavin Kor, Ryder Betzold, Gavin Lati, Daylin Cline, Jack Kultgen, Riley Kurtz, Jayden Kurtz, Gabe Perron, Cole Cheeseman, Avi Kasargod, Lincoln Ayers-Assad, Will Youngberg, Hudson Adams, Kellen Conway, and  Owen Lunneborg.

It has been another great season of development with more Fall / Winter development sessions  to come.

MPH 2007/2008 Finish 3rd at the Combat Cup

MPH 2007/2008 led by Coach Brian Famigletti and Alex Bisbee - finish 3rd at the Combat Cup 2018.  The group has done a great job of playing 2008 Invite Events and also playing up in 2007 Open events to challenge the athletes and give them opportunities for growth.

MPH 2008's Take 3rd at the AAA Showdown - Team Finishes 4-1 on the weekend

MPH 2008 led by Coach Brian Famigletti and Alex Bisbee - finish 3rd at the AAA Showdown.  The group is gaining momentum in the first season. 

The 2019 MPH Summer Shooting Challenge Is Complete

Congratulations to the 9 MPH players and 1 sibling who completed the MPH Summer Shooting Challenge for their respective level.  

Will Youngberg (2007) led the program with 19,000 shots followed by Gabe Perron (2007), Avi Kasargod (2008), Cole Cheeseman (2007), Dane Robeck (2007), Luke Fuller (2008), Drew Cheng (2009), Dylan Savoie (2009), and Max Niemiec (2012).  Avery Cheeseman (sibling - Minneapolis High School Girl's Player).

We appreciate the dedication displayed by our players who attempted the challenge - there is no substitute for hard work.  Bottom Line - the kids have to learn to set their own goals, track them, and achieve them and the Shooting Challenge is a medium to teach this life skill and to work on shooting and stickhandling.

Honorable Mention to a few players who participated, but did not achieve their goal (but are positioned to do so next year)...Jack DeHaven (2006) and Braxton Helmers (2007) who where within 25% of the shots needed to complete their goal.

2019 Summer Shooting Challenge Results

First Name Last Name Team August Total Goal
Will Youngberg 2007 2044 19000 12000
Gabe Perron 2007 5865 16325 12000
Avi Kasargod 2007 6310 14090 12000
Cole Cheeseman 2007 4770 12425 12000
Dane Robeck 2007 4341 12128 12000
Luke Fuller 2008 990 10151 10000
Drew Cheng 2009 3448 10026 7500
Dylan Savoie 2009 2225 8132 7500
Max Niemiec 2012 1829 7220 5000
Avery Cheeseman Sibling 7100 21710 12000

MPH - Minnesota Selects Representatives

Congratulations to Jayden Kurtz (07), Phoenix Cahill (08), and Alex Bisbee (08) for their  participation in the 2018 Minnesota Selects.

MPH 07/08's Win Their Final Game at the Cheese Cup!

MPH 2007's Part of Team South Championship Team - Minor Squirts- Super Series 2018 - Owen Lunneborg, Avi Kasargod, Gabe Perron, Jack Kultgen, Cole Cheeseman, and Daylin Cline

MPH Skill Development - Morning Development #2


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